Academic Program

"All your sons will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children's peace." Isaiah 54:13


FCA's school board and staff are dedicated to ensuring that our students have the best curriculum available that holds a Christ centered view. In a time when the public school system is working so hard to exempt Christ from all their teachings, we are working to keep Him at the center of our teachings. While Christ remains the center, our curriculum will be academically rich in Math, Language Arts, Reading and all other educational courses offered.

Focusing on the core areas of academics, we will use a variety of effective approaches to meet the individual needs of each student in the classroom. Because of the diverse learning styles among students, and the implementation of the seven intelligences, FCA uses a variety of curriculum to ensure the success of each child.

KinderBridge Program

Our KinderBridge program is designed for those children that missed the September 1st cutoff to turn 5 and enter Kindergaraten.  Therefore to enroll in Kinderbridge your child must turn 5 by December 31st of the current school year.  If your child turns 5 earlier in the summer and you are unsure if he or she is ready for Kindergarten, then KinderBridge may be a consideration as well.  Our Kinderbridge program bridges the gap between Pre-K and Kindergarten using a variety of interactive and fun approaches to learning.  This setting is perfect for allowing your child to develop the fine and gross motor skills needed as well as mature and develop socially.  

It is a Christ-centered environment and a rich educational experience in which all children will grow academically and spiritually. Our KinderBridge students learn basic readiness skills in reading, writing and math using kinesthetic, musical, direct and social approaches. They develop basic social skills in sharing, listening and following class routines throughout the year. They learn basic Bible stories and character development using the Word of God as the guideline for teaching.

K-12th Grade

Our grade level classes are taught by qualified teachers who desire to see each child grow academically and spiritually. The teachers have a love for Jesus and want to express that love to each child through a nurturing and biblically based classroom. Using the curriculum and teaching methods that FCA implements they are adept at modifying for the needs of each student.

Each student is valued for their God-given talents and abilities and encouraged to strive for the highest goals. They are challenged academically and given high expectations so they are able to reach their highest potential. Each classroom uses direct instruction, small-group instruction and cooperative learning to enhance the curriculum

Students are encouraged to seek the Lord with all their hearts in all matters to know His will and purpose in each situation. Through the use of practice and reflection, they are brought to a better understanding of the Word of God and who Christ is in their lives.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program at FCA includes a variety of opportunities for students ranging from General Arts to Choir, Drama, Guitar, and Piano.

Each student is valued for their God-given abilities and we will work to enable them to identify and cultivate those talents for His ministry and service.


FCA athletics helps to fulfill the mission of the school by teaching a Christian way of competing expressed through our core vision in athletics:

•Respect authority
•Overcome adversity with Christ likeness
•Serve others
•Develop a love and desire to please God
•Play in a way that brings God glory
•Be leaders on campus and in our community
•Have fun, play smart, play hard

FCA acknowledges that God is the priority in our school, followed by family, academics, and finally athletics. When this order is followed, it will result in student-athletes who are balanced spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Since FCA athletes are representatives of their team, their school, their community and more importantly, God, FCA athletics is committed to developing each individual's character and self –esteem. In addition, a proper perspective on winning and losing consistent with glorifying God is maintained. FCA athletes will be humble in victory, and courageous in defeat. Winning is defined as reaching the maximum potential by giving great effort as an individual, and as a team.

We play in the Arizona Independent Christian Schools League with other Christian schools in the Phoenix area.

Physical Education

The aim of our physical education program is to give students an opportunity to grow spiritually in a practical way, enhance physical and mental abilities, and develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

Students will participate and compete in various sports, games, and other fitness activities.

1.To teach that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, both naturally and spiritually.
2.To teach the principles of fair play, teamwork and Christ-like sportsmanship.
3.To teach the basic rules and associated skills of various sports.
4.To help develop the physical fitness of the body.


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