"Nothing can compare with your educational institution. I know. I am a public school teacher, but I am sure you will agree - what my boys are getting at FCA is top notch education, with superior teachers and administrators who not only care deeply about what the students learn, but stress life skills, morals, and values which can be carried from our home and reinforced at school.

I love that my boys can say prayers at school, bless their food, read scriptures and most importantly, remember every single day they wake up and face life, be reminded that all of these blessings come from our Heavenly Father." -FCA Parent

"We appreciate the love you have for Jesus and the difference it has made in our grandchildren's lives. May God bless you all." -John and Darlene S.

"Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm to FCA and to the Lord. I want you to know that you and the staff at FCA are making a difference in my son's life and I truly thank you for that!" -Kelly C.


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